Sunday, November 7, 2010

Welcome to our website! Here’s the place where we’re supposed to tell you a little bit about us and why you should read further.... hmmm... what can we say?

Rusty was a TV anchor from Arkansas. Ericka was a pageant girl from Alabama. We met in Swaziland, Africa (where both our worlds got turned upside down), fell in love, got married, and moved to Michigan (otherwise known as the “Great White North”). There, we started a non-profit called The Sound of Hope that cares for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. We spend most of our time traveling to visit our partnerships in Thailand, India, and Africa, or traveling around the US raising funds and awareness.

Sounds like a crazy life, right? Well, those are just the highlights! We hope you’ll take a look around and find out a little more about who we are and what we do! 

Thanks for stopping by!
Rusty & Ericka